LongAi??RoadAi??HomeAi??Celebration 2013

On June 20, 2013,Ai??BAIN, Inc hosted and celebrated 12 years of the Nursing Home Transition program at the Decatur County Senior Center.Ai??TomoniaAi??Becon, Nursing Home Transition Coordinator gave the invocation and welcomed everyone to the celebration. Executive Director, Virginia Harris introduced our speaker Elaine Wilson, Local Ombudsman.

Elaine shared with everyone the Ombudsman long term care program. An Ombudsman is a citizen representative that seeks to improve the quality of life for residents in long-term care facilities including nursing homes, personal care homes and assisted living facilities. Hospice, Buchanan Company, SOWEGAAi??Council & Aging and GentivaAi??Home Health Care representative share information on the services they have available in the area.

Testimonies of success were shared by our consumers who have transitioned from the nursing home back into their community and are now living more independent lives.Ai??

The Long Road Home is an event that celebrates Olmstead vs LC decision in 1999 which prohibits unnecessary institutionalization of persons with disabilities Federal, State and Local governments to develop more opportunities for individuals with disabilities through cost effective community based services.Ai??

What a great success with the Long road Home celebration and we look forward to continual years of celebration and testimonies.