Bain, Inc received a grant through the Cancer Coalition of Southwest Georgia to provide services for individuals within Bain’s 11 county service areas. They include Baker, Calhoun, Clay, Decatur, Early, Grady, Miller, Mitchell, Randolph, Seminole, and Thomas.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent cancer and increase survival among the people of South Georgia. We can accomplish this through community-based research, outreach, screening and education – all done with compassion and in collaboration with others who are concerned about cancer.

What services are available under the cancer coalition of Southwest Ga.

  •  Medications to manage cancer-related symptoms
  •  Cancer –related prostheses
  •  Physician recommended or prescribed nutritional support
  •  Medical equipment and supplies
  •  Transportation and childcare as needed for medical related visits.
  •  Treatment location lodging

How do I qualify?

  • Diagnosis of cancer. Verifying documentation that one has received or is currently receiving treatment.

For more information contact: Bain Inc. at 316 W Shotwell St. Bainbridge Ga.

Phone: 229-246-0150 Fax: 229-246-1715 Toll free: 888-830-1530

Download Cancer Coalition Flyer